Norway colour story - Sea line

Norway's coastline is famous for it's fjords, the water is deep and if you fancy a dip it is often a leap of faith into the fresh sea water rather than a gentle paddle in! The coast line is rocky and full of fish and seaweed. Here I have taken a shot of the edge of my swimming spot out on the Skerries (small islands off the coast line) where the water is crystal clear and this year warmer than usual, 24 C, the Atlantic drift makes it surprisingly warmer than our sea off the North East of England coast. The colours blend and contrast, I have picked out the yellow and orange brown which sits against deep sea blue highlighted with fresh green and a hint of reflective white. The discovery of a

Norway colour story- Sun baked

This summer an unexpected colour palette emerged from my visit to our summer cabin in Sørlandet (south coast of Norway). The sun broke through this year after a very wet one last year and keep shining day after day. My daily walk to the fjord edge for our ritual morning dip winds down from our cabin along the cliff edge lined with rocks, pines and silver birch. Looking down the path a living patchwork blanket of fallen leaves, pine needles, grasses and moss, full of nature and life, including ants busy carrying and hurrying about (no holiday for them). Morning dip path - a soft sun-dried palette, delicate shades or palest greens, blue grey green, lightest terracotta and straw yellows with a

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