Block printing workshop

I love sharing my studio and inviting groups up for some creative time. It is a space to relax and go with the flow, learn a new skill, experiment with pattern, play with colour, chat and have fun. Here the studio is ready and set up for a Block printing workshop. Block printing is one of the oldest methods of printing. It is so satisfying and quite easy to get totally absorbed in the process. It is hard to stop! The workshops are a perfect alternative to catch up with friends and a chance to make some unique gifts or homewears for your self. Great to see the gorgeous designs drying, the personality of each one is fabulous, there is no mass production here. Finished napkins, ironed with heat

Home grown and ready to pick...

I have been busy with bringing to life a new collection of nightwear for Alice & Astrid. Nurturing it from the sourcing and design stage to sampling, manufacture, capturing it visually and adding to the online shop for customers to buy globally! The seed of inspiration for the new nightshirts grew from my personal vintage nightwear collection and Alice & Astrid’s archives. For as long as I can remember I has loved vintage finds, from wearing pieces from my stylish Norwegian mother’s wardrobe that she kept from her past, to finding pieces from second-hand stores, vintage fairs and Portobello market close to where Alice & Astrid’s boutique was. I have always loved that they are unique, timele

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