Colour palette inspiration- from the heart

How do you chose colour? We all have favourites, or ones that catch our eye in a shop, magazine, online, in nature or a new boutique hotel. Colour speaks to us without words, it has a power to attract or repel! My eye is constantly looking for combinations and sources of inspiration. I created this colour palette from a water colour illustration I painted recently, which have used as my new business cards. I love to experiment with colour, watercolours blur, flow and merge into each other, creating tones and new combinations. Colour palettes can be used in so many ways, for interior, fashion, branding or wedding inspiration. These colours combine soft warm tones in the pink range with coo

Creative Weddings from the heart

Have you noticed the boom in the wedding industry in the last few years? From wedding shows and events, dresses, dream locations, cakes and flowers, to online advice and magazines, there is a vast array of options and possibilities on offer in creating your dream Wedding day. And no end to the decisions that go with these choices too! It always has been one of the most important days of your life, a day to celebrate, get excited about, make special plans for, save up for, to remember fondly (hopefully) but why have we seen the rise of wedding planning and the whole industry around them explode in the way it has right now? Within the bustle of the modern world do we give time to what brings u

Seedlings - room to grow and be inspired

In the midst of all that is going on are you finding new ideas popping up, or old ones coming to the front of you mind? Creativity will always find a way through the cracks, searching for the light, pushing its way into the world. Just like in nature where a bush fire might burn and leave a scar on the land nature will come back with fresh shots and new growth will heal and restore. So too we have the opportunity to come back from adversity stronger and brighter than before. Young fresh salad seedlings growing in my greenhouse, looking forward to these coming on soon! For now while we are where we are it is the time to take stock, look at those seedling ideas and give thought to how best to

Sharing a taste of Norway- Skolebrod

My daughter and I were reminiscing about our summer 2 years ago in Norway visiting our cabin in the South coast not far from Tvedestrand. One of our traditions is popping into the local bakery. As soon as you open the door your senses are hit with deliciously distinct smell of cardamom, vanilla and cinnamon used in the cakes and buns. There is something quite special about Scandinavian bakes and one of our favourites is Skolebrod, it is a great one for after a cold dip or hike up a mountain, when you need something to fill the gap between lunch and evening. Skolebrød or Skolebolle (English: school bread, school bun) is the Norwegian name for a type of sweet roll made from yeasted dough fille

Fabric wreath- craft project

How to make a fabric wreath, creative crafts using recycled fabrics, inspiration and textiles by Astrid Blake

Look after yourself- 5 tips for working from Home

If you are currently working from home now more than ever it is so important to look after yourself and share any tips on how to with others. Here are some ideas that keep me going as I work from my studio at home. Yoga- take breaks to move the body when you can with simple stretches or fit in a Yoga session, one of my favourites is Yoga with Adriene, she shares videos on YouTube which you can select to suit your needs. Make sure you know what you can and can't do, I know my body's limits, I had a spinal fusion of my lower lumber spine over 20 years ago after a ski accident so am not as flexible as some but it is essential to keep as much flexibility as possible going especially if sitting

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