Welcome, how can I help?


  • Overwhelmed by choice? I can help collate, edit, refine and define your vision.

  • Not sure how to put colours together? My experience and background is in colour and putting them together to create evocative colour palettes for endless uses including wedding themes, collections, product development, interiors, inspiration for branding and anything that needs colour!


  • Not sure how to combine materials, patterns and textures?  I will guide you with my experience in textile design, interiors, fashion and lifestyle

  • You know what you like but don’t know to share your vision?  Through creative visualisation processes and mood boarding I can help realise your vision into something tangible to share with others.

  • Need inspiration?  I have worked in the creative world for over 20 years and keep a constant eye on what is happening in this world. I can offer inspiration and solutions to your seed idea, helping it to grow, flourish and bloom.

Join Astrid for inspirational workshops at specially selected venues.

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