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Manor House, Guest bedroom window transformation

Something for the weekend.

One of a kind items for the home bring a point of difference to a room scheme and everyday life, they can be enriching and a great point of conversation, adding something truly unique and full of joy to your home.

With this in mind, I am sharing a project from my continued home renovation which you can be inspired to try in your home too.

Here is a simple but effective way to create a curtain treatment for your home without any sewing skills needed!

In a guest room we redecorated, (see previous blog for the transformation) I used a beautiful linen handcrafted tablecloth which I found hidden away, in a draw, a lost treasure waiting to be rediscovered and appreciated for the intricate, artisan hand stich work and tactile drapey heavy handle. This abandoned tablecloth proved to be just the right size and after it's transformation gained a new lease of life as a curtain.

I initially thought of cutting it, but after some playing around with the fabric, I found that folding it at the top and simply using curtain rings with clips to hang the curtain from was both easy and meant that I didn’t have to destroy any of the embroidery and could save all the details.

The fold became a feature, much like a long drop frill and added to the overall effect.

Curtain treatment for guest bedroom.

Drape linen curtain into wrought iron hold back.

Close up of hold back with hand detailing.

Light from window highlights hand embroidery and thread work of vintage linen beautifully.

Clips and curtain rings, make for easy and quick instalment.

Altogether I was very happy with the way it worked and had many visitors who have been complimentary about the room and found it relaxing and calm to sleep in.

What do you think?

Astrid x

Astrid Blake - Creative consultant, holistic design from the heart.

Book a call if you are looking for guidance for your creative project

Iron curtain pole and hold back from Tinsmiths, clip curtain rings from Dunelm.


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