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Calm Sea
'Transformative techniques that will help reduce stress
and open doors to you leading a happier, more creative life'. 

1 to 1 and Workplace Wellness

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Sleep Well

Sleep has been proven to be one of the pillars of wellbeing. Good sleep will help reduce stress levels, boost your immune system, keep your heart healthy, increase concentration and maintain good relationships. 

Improve your sleep, with Astrid, this is designed to give you skills and techniques to empower your natural connection with the gift of sleep.

  • Learn mindfulness techniques to quieten night-time ‘mind chatter’

  • Tips on how to create a calm and inviting space for rest.

  • What to do to prepare your mind for sleep.

  • How to engage your senses to influences your wellbeing.

  • How to tap into the power of Nature and the seasons to soothe your mind.

How does it take place?

Astrid Blake works 1 to 1 or can host an in person or Zoom, Creative Wellbeing Workshop. 


Add this to into a wellbeing practice already in place, it can also be combined with my meditation courses or mentoring services.

Book a workshop or just a single session.  

'Sleep is an essential part of life, but more important, sleep is a gift'. William C.Dement

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