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Visionary, creator, leader and brand founder Astrid shares her inspiration and intuitive insights in the FREE Blog and PRIVATE Facebook group.

Get to know more before you take the next step in joining one of

Astrid's creative and wellbeing courses

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Astrid Blake

Astrid's Blog

 Inspiration, nature, colour, creativity, wellbeing and Astrid's personal experience, a journey of awakening and insights she shares from this transformation. Along with Astrid's Manor House home projects and the latest info and news on events, courses and online programmes.

Astrid Blake
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Take Time to dream space

A FREE Private Facebook group, 

Would you like to know more?

Join me in my FREE Facebook Take Time to Dream Space


What will you gain from joining?


I will be sharing insights, inspiration, meditations and advice from my experience as 

  • A designer-  how to source inspiration, on colour, visualisation techniques, how to apply it to projects, your business and life.

  • From my own personal healing journey- how to unblock paths to creativity, overcoming overwhelm and finding a calm place to tap into your own unique creativity, which in turn will to help enhance your life and wellbeing, the NATURAL WAY.

  • PLUS connection with an inspiring group.

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