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Astrid Blake bedroom interior design

heavenly home

Our homes are vital, they act as back drop to our lives, where we eat, sleep, recharge, entertain, gather with friends and family or more recently work. Creating a home that can instil a sense of calm will be a benefit us on every level.

Who is this for?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by choice, need a guide in helping you to reconnect with your home, bring in a fresh perspective on how some simple yet magical ideas can make a great change on both internal and external levels.


Feel you need help letting go of some clutter, re organising of loved pieces, ways to bring colour and more comfort to your home, these can help bring positive change in the energy and flow in your life.

How I can help

The aim is to provide inspiration, ideas and tips for creating calm, restful spaces that bring you pleasure, peace, harmony, and joy, this could be in one room or extend to encompass a whole environment.

Considered elements,


Texture & Pattern

Biophillic Design, connecting with nature


Calming zones

Tranquil Sanctuary for Sleep

Combining a mix of these will help create and atmosphere,  feel nourished, rest and restore, atmosphere that encourages you to be present and connect with beauty. 

Is this something that you want in your life?

Contact me to arrange a free 20 min call to see how I can help you achieve this. 

why work with me?

The love of the home and how it can make you feel is a thread throughout my life, helping others achieving this is also a passion of mine.


Growing up the Nordic concept of Hygge was instilled in me by my Norwegian mother. I followed my heart and love of design, it lead me to study textiles, then interior design, working as an interiors stylist in my early days in London, dreaming up my first collection of home accessories, inspired by my travels in India, snapped up and sold in Harrods, consulting to global trend companies, renovating my own family home, a moated manor house in Co.Durham. Read more here in my blog


Throughout my journey, deep inside I’ve always known,

'that our surroundings and what we chose to fill our lives with can be an important element in our emotional wellbeing.'

My natural aesthetic has a timeless quality, often inspired by nature, rich in texture, natural materials such as linens, wools, wood and stone, beautiful colour, creating considered vignettes, cosy corners, pools of light, places to pause rest, create every day rituals and enjoy special moments.

This essence is what I provide in my design services, contact me for a free 20 min call to see how I can help you today. 

Astrid Blake mentor wellbeing and creative

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