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flexible consultancy 

tap into unlimited creative potential & elevate your wellness

Astrid Blake mentor and creative consultant

tailored to you

Are you launching something new, reimaging the branding of a business you’ve been running for some time or dream of making lifestyle changes? This is incredibly exciting but can be overwhelming at the same time! So many choices and decisions to make, and you want to get it right, and not just right, you want your vision to be the very best it can be.

Whether you need a creative inspiration or help in overcoming blocks that are holding you back in making clear decisions and in taking that important step of bringing that vision to life with the upmost flair that it deserves, these are essential elements in making the process both joyful and successful.

You do not need to do this alone, I have the skills of a experienced designer, founder of a business, combined with a holistic and intuitive understanding of where you might need more than a great design to truly unlock your potential. I work flexibly with you in a wide range of sectors and love the inspiration that comes with this.

We can work together in a one off remote session, or in a day in my studio in Co.Durham or through a series of mentoring sessions.

I offer a free 20 mins no obligation chat to see if we are a fit and find out what you are seeking.

The mentoring is tailored to you, it can be purely a creative service, work on mindset or a combination of both, designed to help you where you need it most.

elevate through creativity 

You want it all, but you don’t know how to untie the knots. This is where through the process of careful listening, considering, collating, editing, curating, refining and defining, I tune in on the inner and outer levels required to really help you to make the changes that will enable and empower you to truly, elevate your business, life, creativity and wellbeing.

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Astrid Blake
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