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welcome, to studio hyggeli

Make yourself at home, here at Studio Hyggeli its about taking pleasure in the simple things in life which bring joy to the heart. 

The thinking fits with designer Astrid Blake’s Norwegian roots and the Nordic concept of Hygge-  mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Making and creating- getting hands on in the age where screens are part of daily life, is relaxing, rewarding and fun together with restorative refreshments.

Join bespoke creative workshops at Astrid's studio based at the historic setting of Dinsdale Manor - an ancient Danish settlement .

Philosophy behind Studio Hyggeli

Nordic sense of self sufficiency, means knowing how to do and make a few useful things and is fun. It also resonates with those who are disillusioned with a throwaway consumer culture. 

A Hygge home is one that gives you a sense of warmth and calm. Design is deemed vital to everyone’s quality of life. 

Fika- daily act of collective restoration at work- getting together for a cuppa and cake, not feeling guilty about it. ‘ The act of eating together also serves as an incubator for creativity.

Beauty starts at home, using natural materials, being kind isn’t just about ones self its also about spending time with others, about being social and taking pleasure in the simple things together.

block printing


'a traditional method of creating unique and beautiful texiles by hand'

Escape for a couple of hours in a calm inspiring studio with some tea and cake.


Learn the craft of block printing, using wooden carved blocks and textile dyes.  Have fun making your own set of block printed napkins, tea towels, tote bags or cushion covers, lovely to add to your home or would make a beautiful personal for gift. 


Either evening or day time, for a few hours, groups of 2 to 4 works best.


Ideal for a special and different way to spend time with friends, relax, chat and find your flow. Would make a great birthday treat. Think of it as a creative retreat, a place to find calm and inspiration. 

You will have the chance to,

  • experiment with colour

  • learn a new skill

  • create your own unique printed textiles

  • relax and have fun

  • take home your very own creations at the end of the workshop

£45.00 including printing materials and refreshments. 

Please contact me to find out more and to arrange your very own creative retreat.

Festive workshops 1.jpg

'This workshop is a total gem.  Imagine time to relax, be with friends and let your inner creativeness unleash, all under the gentle and genius guidance of Astrid who provides a wonderful setting and all the tools to do this.  I cant recommend this workshop highly enough'.

Kate Chaytor Norris- North Yorkshire

'I just wanted to say what enormous fun your workshop was yesterday.  I loved your studio filled with glorious coloured wools and pots of paint and brushes and sponges and all those lovely blocks just waiting to come alive not to mention your lovely books.  You are so encouraging and patient,  the perfect qualities for  a teacher.  Thankyou so much we all left inspired'.

Sue- Northumberland

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