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Workshops and events Summer 2023
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WELLNESS MONTH AT THE STATION, Richmond, North Yorkshire 

I am delighted to join The Station throughout August to celebrate Wellness Month, sponsored by Kiss the Moon. Enjoy some dedicated ‘me time’ at a series of health, well-being and creative events including, free yoga and Pilates sessions, seasonal foraging and creative workshops. I will be personally hosting the following in person workshops which I do hope you can join me in, to book follow the links, The Station is organising the bookings directly but you can email me with any queries or questions 

Empower and awaken a path of self-healing from the inside out, with an introduction to the FLAIR Method, the program for those who want to reconnect with their true self. Are you ready to find your way back to, a clear, calm, and strong mind? Bring back joy and fall in love with the magic of life and creativity?  Then this is the workshop for you!

£18 per person 

An introduction to how nature can awaken your intuitive path to creativity and wellbeing - based on Astrid's 'Capture the Seasons' courses, followed by a guided mindful walk in nature.

£18 per person

Local designer and wellbeing expert, Astrid Blake guide’s you through a Creative Wellbeing Workshop designed to give you skills and techniques to Quieten your Mind for bedtime and mindfully drift off to a better sleep.

£15 per person

A little more information 
Quieten the Mind – Creative Wellbeing Workshop with Astrid Blake

Local designer and wellbeing expert, Astrid Blake guides you through a Creative Wellbeing Workshop designed to give you skills and techniques to Quieten your Mind at bedtime.

  • Learn mindfulness techniques to quieten night-time ‘mind chatter’

  • Tips on how to create a calm and inviting space for rest

  • What to do to prepare your mind for sleep

  • How to engage your senses to influences your wellbeing

  • How to tap into the power of Nature and the seasons to soothe your mind

About Astrid:

Astrids’ approach to creating a calmer life and boosting personal wellbeing is unique in that it blends her experience as a designer of luxury nightwear (lifestyle brand Alice & Astrid) and her journey through meditation and relaxation techniques that engage the senses and tap into our powers of creativity and intuition.

As well as her established business as a designer and creative forecaster Astrid is now offering online creative wellbeing programs and mentoring to people wanting to explore this approach to wellness and learn skills that can be applied to their everyday life.

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