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Astrid Blake mentor
Cloud in the Sky

Inspiration from my higher self.

What are

Their birthing place is from the ‘thin place’, the place between sleep and awake, the space and moment where the distance between heaven and earth seems almost non-existent. The meeting place between the conscious and unconscious minds.


The unconscious is where magic lives, as I wake, I write these messages as they come to me.

These poems and messages come from my highest, deepest self, and with this, they also have the power to connect with other’s highest and deepest selves. 

I share them as I believe the messages they carry are intended for more than just for me.  

Astrid x

anchor the heart

Copy of  Anchor the Heart.jpg

This was written September 20th 2020, in the covid lockdown, a time when we were advised to all isolate. I used this time of stillness and meditated daily. Among other emotions, I felt a great amount of compassion for those who could not be with their loved ones when they passed away. This poem came to me at this time. 

Reflecting on it now, I also see that it is not just about passing from the physical body but can relate to ourselves as we go through difficult times in our lives, where we may then transform from these, always guided by love and light. 

How do you feel when you read it?

If you would like to share any of my poems or inspirations, please include the refence and source, thank you


Dear Fear  by Astrid Blake.jpg

This was a poem I wrote over lockdown. For many it was a time of great fear amongst many other emotions and worries.

Does anyone ever get the Fear? Fear is such a major thing that can potentially stand in the way of so much growth.  In moving forward, making changes, taking leaps, or in creating dreams, dreams from the heart, from the soul.

How do you deal with fear?

Firstly it's ok to feel the fear.

Acknowledge it.

Face it.

And then look behind what it is blocking you from.

Can you find that glimmer of light, look for this, feel the trust and find the courage to push the door open further, to move anyway from the grip of fear. Our hearts hold strength to do this. Once fear is out of the way, what are we capable of? It is unlimited, there is only the limited mind if we stay trapped by fear.

Astrid x

If you would like to share any of my poems or inspirations, please include the refence and source, thank you

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