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creative direction
& styling

Are you ready to tell your story through the power of imagery?

Astrid Blake, styling and art direction
Astrid Blake, styling and art direction

creative direction & styling 

Imagery is one of the most powerful communication tools. Now more than ever photography is the language in which we can create on-brand and impactful messages to attract dream clients and customers.

Do you want a gorgeous set of images that have the commercial impact you need to match the vision you have for your brand? Do you struggle to see the bigger picture and most of all, to make certain you achieve it?

Getting this right requires the vision to see beyond what’s there and create something truly desirable.

You want to create something that,

  • Captures and enchants your clients’ hearts  

  • Creates an atmosphere and builds a lifestyle which your client wants to be part of.

  • Takes your vision and brand to the next level.

It is equally importantly to think commercially, visually and from a designer’s perspective. Booking a photo shot is an investment in your brand, one which can pay dividends if you get it right.

If you want to get the best out of the day, planning is key.  Knowing in advance you have it mapped out will also reduce anxiety and save time.  Details count, sourcing the perfect props, outfit, location, the lighting, all this and more is key in getting the images you want and that’s right for your personal branding. To achieve a brilliant shoot a lot of foresight, vision and flair is required!


To achieve a brilliant shoot a lot of foresight, vision and flair is required!

This is your chance to produce something stunning, to capture your audience and create serious desire. You need to get this right.

it's all about the packaging

Whether its your service or product, how you present it is absolutely vital if you want to attract the type of clients you deserve.

Your style needs to be consistent and shine through in all aspects of your business. 

With a professional and polished finish, I can help you tie it all up beautifully. 

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