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luminary- 12 week
personal mentoring

spark and ignite your dream, transform and realise potential

Astrid Blake intuition

become your best self 

for brave souls ready to shine

This is a fully immersive package where all eyes at every level are on you and your project.

This is a high level transformational experience. This works on both the internal and external levels.

I work with you combining a designers skill set of deep research, observation, curating, editing, and in a mentoring capacity to help you clear blocks so that you can ultimately become the co- creator of your dream vision, unlock unlimited potential, in order to impact positive change in your life, your families and in your work.

This is not for the faint hearted, you need to be able to fully commit to this process, and it is important we feel comfortable working together as I guide and support you to do the work.

Because of the level of work and bespoke attention to you and your unique needs, I only take on a few clients each year.

Are you ready to do this? If have a deep urge to know more, listen to it, you are here for a reason. 

Contact me for a chat to see if we are a fit. 


​What do you get from doing this transformational work?

There are many positives to be gained here are a few,

  • Reduction from the effects of stress and overwhelm 

  • Improved clarity of mind

  • Being more effective and successful in work

  • Inspiration 

  • Finding your spark and unique passion & purpose

  • Heighten feeling of wellbeing

  • Appreciation of nature and how it can support you

  • Connecting more deeply with what you love and brings you joy in life

Astrid Blake
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