alice & astrid


The Philosophy; combinations of home and fashion is an infatuation Astrid has held from her earliest days, the expansion of this inspiration has accumulated in Alice & Astrid lifestyle.


Astrid describes the brand- Everything starts with the body; feeling and sensuality enlighten our lives, they also embody the qualities found in fabrics at Alice & Astrid. As our homes provide a framework to our lives, offering security, love, respect and provenance, Alice & Astrid aims to design beautiful pieces to complement your lifestyle.

Alice & Astrid is a combination of Astrid's heritage part English whimsy and tradition and part Nordic paired back style.

Astrid is a keen supporter of British industry. Alice & Astrid's collections are hand crafted in the UK, including luxurious silk dressing gowns and nightshirts crafted from the finest natural fibres, cottons, linen and bamboo, alpaca bed socks and hand poured aromatherapy soy wax candles, shop the collection online.

The beauty is in the exquisite details at Alice & Astrid' London Magazine, Alicia Deveney