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providing everything you need to bring your vision to life

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bringing dreams to life

Do you have a dream, ready to be born into the world?

If so I can help you, this is where truly unique and magical things happen! 


What is more amazing than the imagination and the power of creativity? 

How do you make the invisible, visible? This is what vision boards and visioning techniques can do.

The action of bringing dreams to life through imagery is a tool which unlocks it's hidden potential, manifesting it, so it can be transformed from a passion into a purpose.


This technique works on tapping into deeper levels of consciousness, intuitively guiding you to unlock your vision for your brand, business, or life to ultimately to be shared with the world. 

mood boarding

Taking your dream project to the next step.

 Mood boarding helps to organise and curate the vision, details are filled in to bring the whole picture into focus. The lens is sharp and the dream is framed. 

Apply this to branding, events, interior projects and life style planning, the possibilities are unlimited, but the end vision is clear. 

Astrid Blake creative and colour studio
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Working with brands and in industry I offer creative consultation, colour insight and trend forecasting services.

Email me to find out more

Clients I have worked with

WGSN - the world's leading trend forecasting company

PEJ Gruppen- The Scandinavian Trend Institute 

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