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my story 

Based in the beautiful countryside of County Durham, where my family’s farming roots still hold strong. Living with my husband and two children, Polo pony, Wonder, Labrador and two Guinea pigs, in an ancient Manor house on a site once inhabited by Romans, then Danish Vikings, and working in the grounds from what was my Norwegian mother’s weave studio. 

“I have always been interested in what defines beauty, from the minute hidden details of nature, textures, colour, sun light through a forest canopy, moments in time, the Yorkshire and Nordic landscape.  I am driven to grasp the beauty that is born from experiences, feelings and nuances, that transcend time and attempt to share this through my creativity.” 

Professional & personal experience 

With a natural ability and love for design from early on, I gained a First Class BA hons in Textile Design from The Scottish College of Textiles, specialism in weave and I am a trained interior designer.

I offer a powerful combination, a fabric woven from the threads of, a wealth of professional experience, over three decades of creative work, in trend forecasting, where I combine a mix of intuitive and scientific skills. I am also a founder and creator of the luxury lifestyle brand, Alice & Astrid, born from my heart, bought by royalty, featured on front covers, sold in top boutiques and stores globally. Multi-faceted skills in the lifestyle industry with ability and knowledge to work from all angles and understand the lifespan - from concept to fruition of a project.

'My intuition and creative transformational processes are key in all that I do'.

This is interlaced with the wisdom gained from my own personal transformational journey, learnt though life shattering lessons, to connecting on a deeper level with nature and learning from my own intuitive healing journey, moving from burn out and overwhelm to a feeling connected, calm, clarity and which pivoted and expanded my own life’s calling.

By tapping into my intuition and focusing on achieving optimal wellbeing, I activated my innate capacity to heal and in doing so unlocked an elevated form of creativity and wholeness that has allowed me to express my unique gifts in a way that makes me feel soul aligned.

I have long been interested and an advocate of holistic practices, they enhance my own personal creativity and wellbeing, and in turn these benefits combine and add extra dimension to the projects, courses I create and clients I take on.

Creator & Visionary

​As a creator, I am passionate about tapping in to invisible, unlimited creative potential available to all and transforming this power to become accessible in the visible world. With a keen aesthetic sense and a sharp eye, honed by years of hands-on experience in the trends industry, creating inspiration for global companies in a cross section of industries, creating 100’s of mood boards, I work intuitively, weaving together the magic of images, colour, accessing the heart and unearthing the essence, with nature as a guide.


Through my lens I create, inspire, and curate.  The tools I have created for best results are both worked on internal and external levels. The work is an accumulation of my self-development, a continuous process, and now can be used as a guide for others, to reconnect to their unique spark, rekindle it and reveal, their story, and share with the world in the most beautiful way possible.

I inspire and lead visionaries and entrepreneurs to unlock their dreams, passions, and highest potential, empower them to step into the being who they were born to be. Elevate it’s potential, natural wellbeing, which enables you to reach your life goals and share it with others.

The combination of these intuitive and practical skills are how I work in helping others to ultimately

... Bring dreams to life.

If you have read so far, there is a reason you are here, if you want to discover more you can read some of my personal stories and inspirations over on my blog page.

Or join the FREE PRIVATE FACEBOOK group, Take Time to Dream

I also offer online courses  designed by me to help unlock and elevate your creativity and wellbeing naturally. 

I also take on a limited number of clients, due to the level of work we do on a 1:1 basis where I create a bespoke package, tailored to your needs. Book a FREE 20 min call to see if working together is a good fit. 

I look forward  to meeting you,

Astrid x

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Astrid Blake
Janus Astri dBlake



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