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Astrid Blake Creative Studio

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Astrid Blake has over 20 years experience in the design industry and is the founder of luxury lifestyle brand Alice & Astrid



‘I inspire and empower visionaries to unlock their innate creativity and wellness,  
illuminating the path to turn their passion into a purpose’ 

Welcome, do you have a vision for your dream brand, business, work or life?

Are you overwhelmed by choices, need inspiration or just simply feel there is more?

Do want to unlock and TRANSFORM this feeling or idea into something unique and tangible, which brings a natural sense of wellbeing, elevates your life and those around you?

If the answer is Yes, you are in the right place


Never has it been so important than now, to be able to capture and connect to the HEART.

EMOTIVE imagery and SOUL CONNECTING colour are key ingredients. This is what I specialise in, understanding and creating visual worlds that bring YOUR STORY to life naturally, beautifully and powerfully. 

But I don't stop there, I have personally learnt from my half century's life journey on this planet and self healing from trauma that the true magic comes from WITHIN.  

Inner work is designed to clear blocks and gain access to UNLIMITED CREATIVE POTENTIAL, your creative genius,  combine these elements and you have a big impact, life changing formula. 

With my 20 years design experience and intuitive eye, let me guide you, to RECONNECT with your spark, unearth your seed-vision and mission, enabling it to flourish and bloom and be seen by the world, beyond your imagination!



how i can help you?

Astrid Blake online courses

creative & wellbeing

 Courses created by Astrid to help you unlock your unique creativity and elevate wellbeing.


Designed from Astrid's professional experience as a designer and from her personal experience of holistic transformation. 

Astrid Blake mentor wellbeing and creative_edited.jpg

mentorship & consultancy

 Work 1:1 with Astrid.

This is the service for you if you want a personalised experience, tailored to your needs.

Astrid's approach combines a designers skill with inner work to overcome blocks,  and elevate creativity and wellbeing.  

A truly holistic and transformational experience. 

Alice & Astrid silk dressing gown


A luxury lifestyle brand,

sold in top stores globally, now available exclusively online.

Created from the heart, silk and cotton nightwear, relaxing eye pillows, alpaca bed socks and aromatherapy candles, designed to be uplifting,  bring inner calm and feel beautiful, naturally. 

Designed by Astrid Blake

Empowering you to enhance the power of your creativity. Raise the bar and add that extra touch of inspirational magic! 

My passion is transformation, my experience weaves together, a unique and powerful combination of high intuition, a holistic approach, a natural aesthetic sense and a commercial mind.  The fabric of how I work draws from over two decades of design experience, as a leader and visionary in trend forecasting for global companies and as founder and creator of a luxury brand sold in the world's most exclusive retail stores, interwoven with personal inner work. 


 Working with both brands and individual clients, I inspire them to nurture their creative dreams,

tapping into the heart,

transforming them into a tangible reality.

This is carried out through my work as a mentor, creative consultant,

courses and luxury lifestyle label Alice & Astrid.

''Astrid Christina Blake is an excellent consultant within the field of color, design and fashion. She has an eye for the new and an eye for color.''

Anja Bisgaard Gaede / Trend consultant SPOTT - Denmark

Creative workshops

'You are so encouraging and patient, the perfect qualities for a teacher'.

 Sue, Northumberland

'let your inner creativeness unleash, all under the gentle and genius guidance of Astrid who provides a wonderful setting and all the tools to do this.'

 Kate, North Yorkshire

Astrid Blake creative consultant
I have worked with
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Liberty London appoints Influencer Engag
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Designs seen in  
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private mentoring

The F.L.A.I.R Method

Allow me to introduce my unique methodology and discover how I work with my private 1:1 clients, guiding them to connect to their creative call, access, well-being, and abundance, releasing the feel of overwhelm and finding inner peace and joy.

'The magic of finding flow and your unique FLAIR'

I believe that we are all here with a purpose, the key is to unlock its potential and live life aligned with this, with love, ease, balance and beauty.

'This is why I make no secret of how I do it because I want all of this for you too.’

So here it is. Full transparency on my guide that creates a life in tune with your heart, dreams and the NATURAL WAY of creative connectivity.

Find your FLAIR the natural way. Click below for instant access. Or call me to arrange a 20 min chat 

Read more about 1:1 mentoring here.

Astrid x

'The magic of finding flow and your unique FLAIR'

Download the blueprint now. Discover how to connect to your creative call, access, well-being, and abundance.
Find your FLAIR the natural way.
Click below for instant access
Astrid Blake creative and colour studio



Inspiration and Clarity

 Created by Astrid from her experience as a designer, colour forecaster, business founder and her life journey, for you to explore, unfold and define your unique creative dream.


Astrid shares her design knowledge in a holistic way, you will learn skills and techniques that are both creative and organisational. Guiding you in unearthing your vision. From looking at your seed ideas, empowering you to gain clarity and let your vision, flourish and bloom.​



Holistic Inspiration


With two decades of design experience, a trained textile designer,  founder of a luxury lifestyle brand and consultant to trend companies in the field of colour, design and lifestyle.

Astrid offers a unique holistic and intuitive approach, she adds value by bringing  insight, inspiration and creative thinking to elevate your project.

Astrid Blake creative consultant
Alice & Astrid luxury british lifestyle brand shop


Alice & Astrid

A brand born of Astrid's passion for natural, timeless and quality nightwear, and home wear.

Astrid describes the brand- 'Everything starts with the body; feeling and sensuality enlighten our lives, they also embody the qualities found in fabrics at Alice & Astrid. As our homes provide a framework to our lives, offering security, love, respect and provenance, Alice & Astrid aims to design beautiful pieces to complement your lifestyle'.

Made in England.

est. 1998

 join me...

“ I believe creativity has value. Sow the creative seeds, nurture and tend them, give them room to flourish and bloom!   That’s why I created the  #taketimetodream  #creativeflourish tribe.  I love to collaborate, make friends and share inspiration, my favourite place is Instagram.

Follow me astrid_c_blake

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