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Astrid Blake is the founder and creative director of luxury lifestyle brand Alice & Astrid and creative consultant with 20 years experience in the design industry.

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Enhance the power of your creativity. Raise the bar and add that extra touch of inspirational magic! 

Do you have a vision for your dream brand, wedding look, interior or business? Are you overwhelmed by design choices, unsure how colours work and need design inspiration? Do you want to put your ideas into something tangible to share with others.  With my 20 years experience and intuitive eye I  help guide and nurture your seed-vision

to flourish and bloom.

''Astrid Christina Blake is an excellent consultant within the field of color, design and fashion. She has an eye for the new and an eye for color.''

Anja Bisgaard Gaede / Trend consultant SPOTT - Denmark

Astrid Blake is a visual creative, designer and consultant, passionate about colour.

I draw from two decades of design experience, a natural aesthetic sense and a commercial mind. I help inspire brands and people and nurture their creative dreams, tapping into the heart, transforming them into a tangible reality. I carry this out through my work as a creative consultant, workshops and luxury lifestyle label Alice & Astrid.

Themes and evocative colour palettes evolve, through the process of carefull listening, considering, collating, editing, curating, refining and defining.

I work with the aim to bring enchantment to the world.

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“ I believe creativity has value. Sow the creative seeds, nurture and tend them, give them room to flourish and bloom!   That’s why I created the  #taketimetodream  #creativeflourish tribe.  I love to collaborate, make friends and share inspiration, my favourite place is Instagram.

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Manor house guest bedroom redesign and colour scheme

July 22, 2020

Colour palette inspiration- lilac and herb

July 13, 2020

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