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Perfect Partners - Bedroom Updates Swishforit

I was delighted when Swishforit asked me to compile a style list for their shopping inspiration from those in the know. Stuck for what gifts to buy for a special occasion? Need some guidance on new styles for yourself this season? Planning a room refurb and need some ideas? Head over to Swishforit for inspiration!

Haven't joined Swishforit yet? Its is a great way to save your online shopping wish list. Do you spend time browsing online, come across the great products both for yourself or gift purchases but not quite ready to buy just then? Use Swishforit as your free personal shopping organiser for those just perfect items you want to save for when you are ready to buy. I know myself that I am always wishing I could find that item I came across on a website but can't quite remember where I saw it, well now I can file it for when I do want to come back to it with Swishforit.


So head over to Swishforit and check out my picks for the bedroom, the Style Guide- in the Swishlist is for the lovers of natural materials, calm colour palettes, sensual textures, comfort, timeless style and luxury. It is also especially current now as we are spending more time in the home and bedroom and that sleep and taking time for each other is be prioritised more than normal. Facts and research show how important a good night sleep is and by injecting some much needed attention into what you wear at bedtime to how your bedroom feels will remind you how enjoyable bedtime can be.

So with this in mind what are the vital ingredients for you and your partner’s perfect bedroom?

Now might be the time to treat yourself to the silk dressing gown of your dreams, it is an investment in yourself that will uplift your spirits and you can treasure for years to come. Alice & Astrid's dressing gowns are hand made in England in the finest silks, shop the collection here

Alice & Astrid Living North silk dressing gown

Alice & Astrid as featured in Living North

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