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Waking Poems

What came out of the isolation we experienced in Covid? One thing for me was the opportunity to embrace the stillness, not having to go out meant I had more time meditated daily (along side the home schooling, constant cooking and looking after family both young and old)

Often I woke early in the morning, ideas flowed, creative inspiration, sketches and poems came out of the blue, I journaled these all down, it was not planned, it just seemed to ask me to record what was being downloaded.

The birthing place is from the ‘thin place’, the place between sleep and awake, the space and moment where the distance between heaven and earth seems almost non-existent. The meeting place between the conscious and unconscious minds.


The unconscious is where magic lives.

These poems and messages come from my highest, deepest self, and with this, they also have the power to connect with other’s highest and deepest selves. 

I have now been drawn to share them as I believe the messages they carry are intended for more than just for me.  

Have a read on my website, would love to hear your thoughts.

Astrid x

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