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Colour Inspiration

What ever creative project you are starting on colour will play a key part. Colour has the power to speak directly to the heart.

Finding inspiration in nature is a natural thing, it will always be there offering endless opportunities, we just need to look and we will find.

I love the fields at the moment, the crops are still at the ripening stage, the colours changing daily as the sun and weather effects the cycle of growth.

Captured while on a walk, I took photos, getting low to gain a different perspective and from this created the seed of inspiration for a fresh colour palette. The colours combine soft hues of lilac tinged greys, yellowed greens interjected with deeper shades of green and a background of shadowy grey.

Would you like to know more about finding inspiration from nature, or how to create eye catching, soul lead colour palettes for your personal creative projects?

You can join me in my private Facebook space, Take time to Dream where you will have access to more creative inspiration and advice or contact me directly to see how I can help you in a free 20min call.

Astrid x


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