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Alice & Astrid nightshirts made in England

I have been busy with bringing to life a new collection of nightwear for Alice & Astrid. Nurturing it from the sourcing and design stage to sampling, manufacture, capturing it visually and adding to the online shop for customers to buy globally!

The seed of inspiration for the new nightshirts grew from my personal vintage nightwear collection and Alice & Astrid’s archives. For as long as I can remember I has loved vintage finds, from wearing pieces from my stylish Norwegian mother’s wardrobe that she kept from her past, to finding pieces from second-hand stores, vintage fairs and Portobello market close to where Alice & Astrid’s boutique was. I have always loved that they are unique, timeless and special. If not buying vintage my mother passed down the skills of making clothes, taking the time to select or make fabrics, cut and sew I learnt to appreciate how much time goes into this process. Current press stories are bringing attention to be more thoughtful to who makes, how far is it shipped, how long will we wear and what happens next to our clothing?

Feel good about everything we touch and buy; this translates into Alice & Astrid’s designs. Home grown, our new nightshirts are made in England in small batches by skilled cutters and seamstresses who hand finish and check garments before sending them to the Alice & Astrid studio in Co.Durham where they are then shipped to our customers. As a trained textile designer, the fabric to me is essential starting point as well as the cut, our nightshirts are crafted from the finest cotton Oxford stripe (woven not printed) and we also offer a beautiful silky to the touch linen/bamboo oversized shirt. Proud to support Slow Fashion our designs are intended to last, easy to wear and quick to become your favourite garments.

Nightshirt made in England

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