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Sharing a taste of Norway- Skolebrod

My daughter and I were reminiscing about our summer 2 years ago in Norway visiting our cabin in the South coast not far from Tvedestrand. One of our traditions is popping into the local bakery. As soon as you open the door your senses are hit with deliciously distinct smell of cardamom, vanilla and cinnamon used in the cakes and buns. There is something quite special about Scandinavian bakes and one of our favourites is Skolebrod, it is a great one for after a cold dip or hike up a mountain, when you need something to fill the gap between lunch and evening.

Skolebrød or Skolebolle (English: school bread, school bun) is the Norwegian name for a type of sweet roll made from yeasted dough filled with custard and decorated with icing dipped in grated coconut. It was usually put in school packed lunch (matpakker) as a sweet treat, hence the name.

In Arctic Norway, a similar roll without icing and coconut known as a Solbolle (Sunrolls) is eaten to celebrate the return of the sun after polar night. Maybe this is a good time to bring the sun inside and try this tasty baked treat!

If you would like to follow us and the recipe head over to Alice & Astrid's Journal for the details here

Skiolebrod making with Astrid Blake

Skolebrod in Astrid's kitchen

Ingredients for scandi baking

Ingredients for Skolebrod

Happy baking

Astrid xx

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