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Look for the Light

I have always been attracted to natural light, when styling and art directing photo shots, this has been one of the things I look for.

Natural light.

It’s a magical thing, when I plan a photo shoot it’s never guaranteed to be good weather, and sometimes it is not perfect, what is? It’s something out of my control, but on the day, even when things don’t seem 100% ideal, there is always a ray of light, and if you can catch that moment, that one moment might be all you need. It’s there waiting to be noticed and for you to act on it.

Shots from Alice & Astrid I created for the look books and campaigns, from 2002 to 2022 – do you think they have dated in 20 years? How do the photos make you feel? I hope they convey timelessness, this along with quality and love are part of what make up the brand philosophy. You can buy luxury silk and cotton the collections online at Alice & Astrid

Stylist Astrid Blake

Photographers Phillip Waterman

Left bottom row - Gasp photography

On a more personal note, we too have the chance to notice the light, even on a grey day, there is light, we all have access to, an inner light.

How do we find it?

It can be found if we take time to stop and notice. Allow space for stillness, the light will appear, and it just gets brighter the more we focus on it, and so does life.

Join me in my online course Capture the Season- Spring, designed by me to help you find stillness, beauty, and inspiration, to capture and release your creativity and wellbeing, your inner light, naturally.

Find out more about what you will discover on this 5 day self paced course, available to access now.

For access the to first day for free join my private Facebook group Take Time to Dream.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Astrid x


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