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Colour palette inspiration- from the heart

How do you chose colour? We all have favourites, or ones that catch our eye in a shop, magazine, online, in nature or a new boutique hotel. Colour speaks to us without words, it has a power to attract or repel!

My eye is constantly looking for combinations and sources of inspiration. I created this colour palette from a water colour illustration I painted recently, which have used as my new business cards. I love to experiment with colour, watercolours blur, flow and merge into each other, creating tones and new combinations. Colour palettes can be used in so many ways, for interior, fashion, branding or wedding inspiration. These colours combine soft warm tones in the pink range with cool watery blues and greens for a calming and uplifting feel.

colour palette and illustration by Astrid Blake

Exploring how colours can be used for different interiors, I have picked out a few schemes which caught my eye and show how this palette can be translated into a beautiful room using the right balance and mix of paints, textures, highlights and accessories.

In this room the lighter tones have been grounded with the use of a darker shade of green paint on the woodwork. I love the brighter pink used to draw the eye upwards, giving an unexpected highlight, a clever way to heighten the room. Colours can be added through the use accessories or furniture to give depth to the overall effect, coloured glass vases, flowers, cushions all add to the overall feel.

In these interiors the scheme has been kept light with accents of metallic added in copper, gold and silver which work beautifully to bring modern sophistication to the room. Colour can be added with art work and vases, while dramatic lighting gives the wow factor.

This colour palette also translates more unexpectedly into the kitchen, have fun mixing up colours in the cabinets, titles, lighting and accessories. Here the palette's richer, deeper tones are picked out. The combination of glazed tonal watercolour effect tiles and the matt paint add texture to the room.

kitchen colour scheme

As child's bedroom, the palette works well, creating a soft and calming space for dreams Add warmth with light natural woods and a touch of mustard and can also be added.

child's bedroom colour inspiration

Image credits for interiors: Pinterest

Colour palette and illustration- Astrid Blake (colours may appear differently on different screens)

Need help in creating a scheme or palette for you project? I have over two decades of experience in working with colour, contact me to discuss your project.

I would love to hear from you, email me at

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