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8 Ways to work with me

Welcome, just in case you are new here I wanted to share with you ways I can offer my services, all of which focus and bring about,


Are you seeking this today? Wherever you are in your journey, life, work, or business, I offer that extra inspiration, energy and guidance, that acts as a catalyst to boost you to the next level or simply get you started.

The approach - Over 3 decades of design experience, consulting to global trend companies, and as founder of my own luxury brand sold in top stores around the world, is woven together with my spiritual and intuitive healing journey, which intertwines to bring a unique and effective approach. From private mentoring, creative services to online courses I offer flexibility and accessibility at various levels.

How to work with me,

Supporting you to bring out the exquisite in your project. Co- create your dream vision. Unlock unlimited potential.

For those seeking a truly personal experience. Book a discovery call to find out if I am the right person to guide you to unlocking and fulfilling your dreams. Monthly packages available.

In person, at my studio. Book a day where you will be fully immersed in inspiration and creative energy, dive deep into a project you wish to bring to light or elevate an existing one with my guidance.

Colour has the power to speak directly to the heart. Get the language right, with expert advice & direction, for your business, product or service.

Tools to unlock your dreams, I guide with over 3 decades of experience, tap into your unique spark, be empower and realise your dreams.

Unique courses design for self-growth, heighten, intuition, creativity and wellbeing. Easy to access, take at your own pace.

Transformative meditation, that will reduce stress, bring wellbeing, balance, harmony, clarity & connection to unlimited creativity comes from within. 1:1, Local group and Corporate.

In person, at my calm countryside studio or selected venues. Let your creativity flow, be inspired and uplifted in a series of specially created hands-on workshops.

Sound good? Which one will you start with?

Next step email me to arrange a free 20min chat,

Astrid x


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