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Solar power

Feeling summer change? Are you fully powered up?

Before the busyness of September start absorb the pure energy, of the sun, the earth and all elements.

My FREE Guided Golden Light meditation, will help you do just this.

Intention- You may wish to use this meditation to connect with the power of the sun, to golden light and to spark and ignite your inner power and bring healing energy to your whole being.

Take time for yourself, take time before we move forward, ground in the golden energy.

To access this, join my Private Facebook group Take Time to Dream,

In the TTTD group you will also be able to access material from of Capture the Seasons, which gives you a flavour or what to expect within the courses.

Capture the Seasons, is a series of self lead online courses, designed by me to enable you to elevate your wellbeing, creativity and intuition, live with direction, greater consciousness and deepen the connection to your inner world and the seasons. Summer is soon closing but we will be moving into the rich season of Autumn soon.

Astrid x


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