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Things are looking up…

Our well-being, is one of the most important themes today, and is influencing how we live and the environment, products and brands we create.

Colour trends reflect our desire to connect with wellness, and shades that provide a naturally connected sense of space.

The inspiration for this is the natural world, with colours focused on evoking a sense of calm, relaxation and tranquillity.

My eye was drawn to these lighter hues, they give a sense of airiness, of positivity and productivity. Stress, can be soothed by being surrounded by soft blues, uplifting yellows as they evoke thoughts of expansive sunny skies.

How it works for you-. Have you got a creative project waiting to be hatched or just not confident with colour? This is when you call on in my skills, I help unearth your creative vision, creating a unique signature, working with you to bring it to life. Colour is a vital ingredient.

They say first impressions count. This is especially true when it comes to your brand since your brand colour is likely to be the first thing customers see. Do you want all eyes on your product or service? Yes, well colour has the power to speak to directly to the heart and catch the eye. It can uplift any project if done right.

Colour goes beyond what we see with our eyes, it connects with us on so many powerful levels. It can imprint it's qualities in our subconscious mind, it can be aspirational, uplifting, healing, sooth or excite.

How do you want colour to work for you?

Nature is where I draw inspiration for colour, my eye is instinctively seeks unique and beautiful combinations which I share with you.

Know want you like, but not confident how to use colour?

I also have the ability to draw out your unique love of colour, organising and enhancing it so it can be applied to your project at a professional level. Creating workable colour palettes which can be applied across multiple platforms, social media, websites, products, packaging is a skill. It is all about finding inspiration, balance and uniqueness. With over three decade of experience in working with colour I help create your perfect palette.

Email me if you would like a free 20 min call, if you are interested in working with me 1:1

You can also join my free Facebook Take Time to Dream space, where I share more inspiration.

Astrid x


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