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Take Time to Dream- a new space to nurture Creativity and Wellbeing

Hello and welcome, I am Astrid Blake, creative consultant, mentor,

founder of Alice & Astrid and creator of the Take Time to Dream space.

I believe we live in time where there is too much distraction, too much information available 24/7. too much overwhelm, fear and stress.

This is why I have created Take Time to Dream.

A space, where you can pause

A space for reflection

A space for inspiration

A space for you, your dreams, visions and imagination

A space where inspiration can seed, take root and blossom in its own time.

A space for wonder and intuition to take the lead.

I believe that this is not only time well spent, but it is vital to our being, to humans and our wellbeing. We need a protected space and place we can honour the gift of creativity, where it can play and bring joy to our lives. It is a necessity not an indulgence.

When we time to dream, we learn, we create and we achieve in a more natural way, with ease, flow and joy.

When we allow ourselves space, we stay nourished, we gain fresh perspective.

When we allow space, balance will find its way into our lives.

When we allow space ‘magic happens’

Would you like to join me in this space? Find me at in the Take Time to Dream space in Facebook and if you are interested in joining the private group launching soon email me at


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