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Transformations- Shell Mirror

How many things do you have at home that could just do with an extra bit of love and attention?

With Spring on its way in, this is a perfect time to do some clearing, and sprucing up around the home.

Our ongoing project here at Dinsdale Manor continues, one of our latest was doing a bathroom and dressing room up just before Christmas. The inspiration and starting point was a box of beautiful shells discovered while clearing out a cupboard, the shells where collected from the white sand beaches on our Honeymoon, in the Bahamas, many moons ago. I had always intended to make use of them someday and now was the right time!

The Process

I had an oval mirror which already hung in the bathroom which ended up being perfect as the base for my project.

  • First I gave the mirror a base coat of paint in a soft white over the old gold effect.

  • I sorted the shells into sizes, types and colours.

  • I played around with the shells on the mirror frame until I came up with a design for the top and bottom and a repeated pattern around the sides.

  • I used a glue gun to stick the shells down, working in clusters and in layers.

  • Allowed it to dry and re fixed any wobbly bits before hanging in our newly decorated bathroom.

Before the After- in the studio making the shell mirror

I love the subtle shades found in the shells of whites, pale pinks, sand, delicate purples, hints of warm soft terracotta and all the textures from rippled, spirals to shiny and smooth, unique and perfect working together to create I think a stunning piece. A simple plain mirror transformed into something with memories of those sun filled days combing the beaches together on our Honeymoon.

Clearing and transformation, making use of things which have been gathered, giving a new lease of life and a reframe, in this case quite literally, require some work and vision but are worth the efforts. The same can apply not only to our homes but also to ourselves and what I am passionate about helping my clients with in my bespoke 1 to 1 mentoring. Find out more here

Astrid x


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