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Seedlings - room to grow and be inspired

In the midst of all that is going on are you finding new ideas popping up, or old ones coming to the front of you mind? Creativity will always find a way through the cracks, searching for the light, pushing its way into the world. Just like in nature where a bush fire might burn and leave a scar on the land nature will come back with fresh shots and new growth will heal and restore. So too we have the opportunity to come back from adversity stronger and brighter than before.

Astrid Blake seedling inspiration

Young fresh salad seedlings growing in my greenhouse, looking forward to these coming on soon!

For now while we are where we are it is the time to take stock, look at those seedling ideas and give thought to how best to nurture, tend and grow them.

Do you have too many ideas? Not sure where the next step is with them? Do they need repotting, have more room to grow, or prune off some dead wood? Are you in a place where you need some help to visualise the next step, is it a new business you have dreamt of, or an existing one that needs a fresh look? Need inspiration for your brand's styling and photography for your social media or website. Colour palette and eye catching looks for your logo and PR material? Or are you planning a new interior ? Now that you have spent more time at home you might be looking at it in a different light! Do you find selecting colours, fabrics and putting together schemes tricky?

As a designer with over two decades of experience, I offer my skills of honing in, elevating and inspiring others, adding value through creativity. I am able to translate this skill into a variety of projects. I can help nurture your seedling ideas so they can flourish and bloom.

Call me to discuss your needs. I am able to work with you remotely using Zoom or Skype. Why not use this time to invest in your ideas?

Email me to arrange a time for a chat.

Take care, Astrid x

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