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Creative Weddings from the heart

Have you noticed the boom in the wedding industry in the last few years? From wedding shows and events, dresses, dream locations, cakes and flowers, to online advice and magazines, there is a vast array of options and possibilities on offer in creating your dream Wedding day. And no end to the decisions that go with these choices too!

It always has been one of the most important days of your life, a day to celebrate, get excited about, make special plans for, save up for, to remember fondly (hopefully) but why have we seen the rise of wedding planning and the whole industry around them explode in the way it has right now?

Within the bustle of the modern world do we give time to what brings us true joy, the creativity that comes from the connection to our souls? To our inner voice and deepest dreams? On a day to day basis we barely have time to think what to have for breakfast! Maybe we desire and feel the need to access this part of us, to connect on a deeper level with love, beauty and creativity. Where better than with a Wedding? (if you are lucky enough to have found your perfect match!)

A wedding is a tradition, a ritual, an offering of commitment of love between two people in the presence of God, a spiritual ceremony. It is a place where we have the chance to really dig deep, reconnect with our hearts, our inner desires a more soulful place. To connect with the universe, explore your heart’s desire, bring spirit and nature into your life and give it the attention it deserves. Where you can step out of the everyday routine and express your creativity, show your true self and share this with those you love and cherish.

But this can be a stressful process, and that’s where I can help.

Do you feel clouded by too much choice, uncertain where to start or simply overwhelmed by the scale of the project?

I will work with you to ease your inner dream into a place of clarity and calmness, where choices become natural and intuitive, fun and joyful. Flowers play a big part in a wedding and this is not by chance. It is another way in which we can communicate our joy of life, of beauty and creativity. Flowers speak to us and have meaning. Though looking to nature we explore what your heart is drawn to, seasons, colours, textures, the infinite inspiration it brings. Naturally guiding the direction your project in creating your very own dream, a piece of heaven on earth.

Creativity adds value to a project. Intuition comes from being still and listening to the stillness, then it will reveal itself to you and it will feel right. If you know that feeling, and this resonates with you, you have plans and dreams that you want to start actioning, this is a great time to do it. Want to chat about your wedding or project? Call me or send me an email, I would love to hear from you.

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