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Experience how nature can truly inspire and bring joy - New course Open Now

I am excited to share with you my brand new course in the Capture the Seasons collection - SUMMER - A MINI ONLINE RETREAT, take a holiday from the busyness of the mind, without having to travel too far.

We all deserve a holiday but it can be just as stressful sometimes, why not treat yourself to a mini break with this wonderful experience, 5 DAYS TO RECONNECT WITH NATURE AND YOURSELF.


Are you seeking inspiration for your business, work or simply yourself? Ever wonder how a designer works, and wish you could do the same? Astrid will guide and mentor, with over 2 decades of design experience, where nature is the inspirer, she combines this with her holistic self-healing journey weaving together creative and wellbeing insights in her own unique style.

This is time for you to nourish and restore balance, feel connected and strong, to allow your creativity to be awakened and to see from a fresh perspective.

This is retreat for the soul, where you can,

  • Reconnect with nature and it's elements.

  • Hone your powers of observation.

  • Develop a designer’s eye and transform how you look at things.

  • Capture the beauty of nature.

  • Explore the power of colour.

  • Tap into your unique creative spark and elevate it.

  • Gain clarity, focus and balance.

  • Be inspired.

  • Find calm.

What you get

Simple, easy but affective steps, follow the 5 days, designed with flexibility in mind.

  • Original material created for you to read and absorb.

  • Watchable recorded mini-inspiration videos from Astrid to motivate you.

  • Daily tasks and affirmations.

  • Downloadable worksheets.

  • A seasonal guided meditation.

The themes you will be exploring,

Day 1 -Simple & Pure - master the art of observation, awareness and connection with beauty in the every day.

Day 2 -Ebb & Flow - take the lead from nature and find natural flow.

Day 3 -Illumination -explore the vitality of the sun and bring balance into view.

Day 4 -Festival of Colour - discover the power of colour and be inspired by seasons blooms.

Day 5 -Dance of Celebration- connect with your joy, and that found in movement, let nature take the lead.

Why I created this course, my experience.

Created from my heart, just take a scroll through my Instagram feed click here, you will find images of my observations, of nature, speaking to my soul, and maybe to yours? I call it eyes of wonder, and this is something we explore in this course.

It was a gift, it guided me through a traumatic and heart-breaking experience, one which I now understand with heightened vision and in a new light. It gently brought me back to a feeling of wholeness, it was transformative.

Is there something you feel is waiting to be transformed? To bring you back to wholeness, to your joy.

Isn’t that what we are all looking for, connection to ourselves, to others, and the freedom in our hearts to let joy return, our natural state.

Two paths enable us to connect back with ourselves, they are found in the balance of the external and the internal worlds we inhabit.

We are given the gift of NATURE, here you can start to find the clues.

We all have times when we need to remember our connection and to feel more empowered by nature’s natural beauty and cycles. That is exactly what you can experience with this programme.

I also share with you my professional experience as a designer, founder of luxury lifestyle brand Alice & Astrid, and intuitive trend forecaster on how to use the power of observation and awareness of beauty, to access inspiration and creativity.

The course is designed to fit into your day, take at your own pace and enjoy the energy spring brings. Find inner calm amid the busyness of life, discover clarity as you ready yourself for inspiration to really take hold and move forward with ease.

This will not only be a gift to yourself, but will extend to loved ones, life and your work.


The course is available online now for the investment of £144.00, BUY NOW

Come and join me in this mini seasonal course, I look forward to sharing this with you.

Astrid x

You can also join me in my FREE Facebook Take Time to Dream space, link here where I share creative and wellbeing inspiration and for a limited time have access to one day taster for FREE and a discount rate of £75.00

I cannot wait to share this course with you - I am beyond excited

Astrid x


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