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Human Phase Shift- simplified thoughts on a deep subject!

Lock down has had some upsides, although I am not able to visit my brother and his family who live in Holland we have been in touch via email and Skype, sharing ideas more than we had had time to before. I was sent a link to a video on Youtube by my brother, I watched it and listened without any previous knowledge of who or what it was about, it interested and resonated with me, here I share and my own thoughts in note form, and 5 points which stood out from the conversation.

I recommend you watch the video clip before reading these. Human Phase Shift conversation with Daniel Schmactenberger from 7 Nov 2018

About Daniel Schmachtenberger, he is a futurist, evolutionary philosopher and strategist, and social engineer. This conversation with David Fuller of Rebel Wisdom looks at the growing civilisation-level crisis that we are beginning to see around us and looks at what a genuine 'phase shift' for human progress might look like.

Astrid’s simplified version and 5 key points;

1 Technology and nature. Technology is increasing more rapidly than ever before- humans/nature are basically the same as we were thousands of years ago. I attended a business conference some time back, two speakers, experts in technology, spoke about the subject of business and technology. They showed a graph of the trajectory in which the speed of technology is evolving, it was quite a scary rate and it is only speeding up!

2 Choices and frameworks -we are given choices in society on voting etc. these have to be made up by someone, a body, (with a limited mind set) this then becomes a set of beliefs that organises the choices and frames it, then gives us the choices from this frame- Problem! This limits the choices and then the outcomes.

We are fixed in a cycle of limited beliefs. In spiritual terms it is seen that the universe is abundant. Abundant mind- links then to the abundant universe, there are no limitations, it is only our mind and beliefs that tie this down and recreate the cycles. Abundant mind, without fear, is a positive state of mind, but a lot of the world does not live in this state of mind, which then perpetuates this cycle. Fear is limiting.

3 Schmachtenberger talks about why humans are so different from animals- he mentions we have Intuition – but we have lost touch with this side of our NATURE- so then we are also disconnected from all NATURE as we become more disconnected we become less happy (this in turn affects our health- body and mind ) So we need to heal as a whole by starting with the self- in order to find a way to fit back in with the whole and therefore feel whole.

Start from the inside, and work out, in small steps, this will then ripple outwards- a book I recommend reading, points to this advice HOW YOGA WORKS, by Gense Michael Roach,. It is journey which you have to undergo yourself, internally and externally, bang on the pipes- on the inside- Daniel mentions in the Youtube video the use of drugs to change the mind, open and expand to different views but it can be done without drugs eg. through meditation and then combine with work from the outside- physical action, doing, which will help you and then ultimately others.

4 Spirituality in the modern world-Economically wise, we are in structures that don’t really use spirituality as its core beliefs, it is very different from politics, religion which have a lot of controlling power (of minds, with fear in some cases).

Something that jumped out at me, was that he did mention this, that the powers of technology and the GODs behind this have to make sure, or someone has to make sure, that we need to link to the SOUL- love, wisdom and understanding- I see this as key.

I came across an article,( see link) which fits in with this concept, on how Buddhist monk Thay was invited by Apple CEO Steve Jobs who is fascinated by Zen Buddhism, to Silicon Valley by Google and was also asked to lead a private day of mindfulness for CEOs of 15 of the world’s most powerful technology companies.

During his visit, which was themed “intention, innovation, insight”, Thay met a number of senior Google engineers to discuss how the company can use technology to be more compassionate and effective in bringing positive change to the world, rather than increasing people’s stress and isolation, both from each other and from nature. Thay says “I think we planted a number of seeds and it will take time for the seeds to mature,”. “If they begin to practise mindfulness, they’ll experience joy, happiness, transformation, and they can fix for themselves another kind of aspiration. Fame and power and money cannot really bring true happiness compared to when you have a way of life that can take care of your body and your feelings.”

5 I feel Schmachtenberger ends with that we have to TRUST in some way that good will prevail and that we have to start with ourselves rather than pointing fingers and blaming everyone and everything else.

I hope this sparks some ideas on the future and creates conversations, what are your thoughts?

When working in Trend forecasting, we start with concepts which are related to how the world is feeling, now, in the past and with a thought to the future. From there concepts are shaped, visualised, and eventually become products that will hopefully fulfil human needs in the future. I work in visualising and transforming concepts, to meet human needs, interested in working with me? I would love to hear from you, Astrid

Image: Astrid Blake


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