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Infinite Blue

Colour inspiration for the Soul

What colour is catching your eye now?

Blue has been favourite of mine forever, but more so now. From the deepest shades of ocean blue, to Indigo which is known to represent understanding, knowledge, order, and confidence, it is a colour of tranquillity, reasoned thinking and calms the nerves. Sky blue, a colour of trust, sincerity, loyalty and also known to calm the nerves, no wonder it is more appealing right now!

Here is a brief look at the colour of blue appearing in fashion now, inspiration for colour use and it's importance in the history of art.

This mood is perfectly captured in November’s issue of Harpers Bazar by photographer Erik Madigan Heck in his Ultramarine Dreams shot, a visual story of the colour blue, a colour of transcendence and cosmic sensibility.

Harper's Bazar Nov 2020 photographer Erik Madigan Heck

It connects heaven and earth, water and sky, it is embedded in our human psyche and contributed to our evolutionary development as hunter-gatherers, who once learnt to survive in the wild among the blue skies and waters. Maybe that’s why it is so fit for now, it gives us that feeling of connectivity that is both here and beyond what we can see, anchoring us now but with deep roots and endless possibilities for the future.

Colour inspiration, inspired by detail of photograph by Erick Madigan Heck. A palette infused with blues and soft skin tones, both human and ethereal, created by Astrid Blake for use in homes, fashion and lifestyle.

On the catwalk YSL best known for using black has infused colour into their palette, blue shone out in the Fall 2020 collections.


Blue in Art and History - Lapis lazuli - symbolism of blue.

The earliest forms of blue pigment were extracted from the semi-precious limestone rock mixture 'lapis lazuli'. Originating from the Middle East, in particular, Afghanistan, the word's etymology comes from the Latin 'lapis', which translates into 'stone', and 'lazuli' meaning 'blue'.

Artists like Cimabue, Duccio and Giotto were some of the first to regularly use the pigment, which they would often juxtapose with gold leaf.

Botticelli -The virgin Adoring the sleeping Christ Child -1490 - National galleries of Scotland

Cennini wrote: 'Ultramarine blue is a colour illustrious, beautiful, and most perfect, beyond all other colours; one could not say anything about it or do anything with it, that its quality would not still surpass.'

Alice & Astrid's silk satin robe, the perfect gift for a loved one, or for yourself! Made in England, click on image to discover more and buy online.

Blue is timeless, that's why we seek it's power now.

Astrid is a creative consultant and specialises in colour, if you would like to get in touch and chat about how we can work together email


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