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Pink - Let Love In

Fresh spring air, new colour peeking through and blossom getting ready to bloom. Lift your spirits, enjoy the change of season and embrace all that nature has to offer, especially important now for our wellbeing.

Colour has the magical ability to influence us on many levels.

The colour pink is the energy of unconditional love and of opening your heart. It can help release emotional challenges and bring the feeling of tranquillity. Pink also helps with insomnia and the manifestation of dreams.

How can you bring the power the colour pink has into your life? Look to update intimate things that surround you, add accents of this precious colour to your sleepwear and lounge pieces and your home.

Are you ready for refresh to your wardrobe? Tired of the same t shirt, jumper and legging comb you have been in for goodness knows how long?

Alice & Astrid have created the perfect garment, it crosses between a nightshirt and shirt you can layer and wear at home, in the garden or on a trip out. Crafted with love, in a gorgeous, mid weight, classic, woven Oxford stripe pure cotton, it has the great feel you get from quality fabric and a stylish cut. The pink and white option is both fresh and pretty while the cut nods to a more unisex look.

Beautiful not only inside and out, but also because it will stand the test of time and not be destined for landfill after a couple of wears like so many millions of garments.

Available to buy online at Alice & Astrid

Pink is hot news in the world of interiors at the moment too, we love these bathrooms, the dreamy pink marbles, glazed tiles, cute bathtubs, to the simply pretty pink painted walls. Be inspired, add some pink to your home and wardrobe.

image credits- Pinterest


For more advice on colour and styling, creating vision and mood boards, bringing your dreams to life, drop me an email I offer 1 to 1 advice and courses,

Astrid x


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