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Transformation to calm

Do you think things happen for a reason in life?

I do, I also believe the things which are the hardest to bare have the most potential in us to active change. I believe they are there for us to learn and grow from, and then we can help others who feel stuck to do the same.

I now share wisdom gained from my own personal transformational journey, learnt though life shattering lessons, to connecting on a deeper level with nature and learning from my own intuitive healing journey, moving from burn out and overwhelm to a feeling connected, calm, clarity and which pivoted and expanded my own life’s calling.

By tapping into my intuition and focusing on achieving optimal wellbeing, I activated my innate capacity to heal and in doing so unlocked an elevated form of creativity and wholeness that has allowed me to express my unique gifts in a way that makes me feel soul aligned.

Is this what you are looking for too? To feel at peace, to feel happiness and joy?

My intuition and creative transformational processes are key in all that I do and how I help others to also tap into their own powers of creativity and transformation.

Join me in my upcoming self-paced online 5 day course

Capture the Seasons Summer, here you will find guidance and inspiration to help unlock your potential, tap into wellbeing and unlimited creativity.

Join me now in the free private Facebook group Take Time to Dream where I will be sharing the first day of the course with the members for free next week.

Astrid x


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