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Connect with the power of your Intuition

A question I have for you today is do you feel connected to your intuition? Do you listen to it? Do you trust it?

If the answer is no. It could be it is bottled up, or that you can no longer hear it. This can happen when we have been through a lot of trauma or growing up in an environment where our intuition was constantly shut down. It is also easier than ever to be disconnected from it too with so many external sources that promise to tell us what is right for us, but it is important to also tune in to our intuition, to listen to it, it can give us the answers or direction we need, it is a super power.

Do you want to feel you have that connection with your inner knowing again, to start rebuilding that trust?

Meditation, connecting with nature, journaling, getting creative are some of the ways to build that vital connection again.

Nature gives us clues all the time, but in this busy world do we give it time?

That is why I am so passionate about taking time to be with nature, to observe, to be still. This is a gateway and path to help unlock the secrets our internal worlds hold, our wellbeing and happiness and that special connection with our intuition.

And that’s why I have designed Capture the Seasons, a self-paced 5 day online course created to help you to do just this.

Doors are open now, for the Spring course.

What are you waiting for?

You can also join me in my private Facebook group, Take Time to Dream where I share with you inspiration, meditations, and tasters of the course.

Astrid x


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