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Moving by Standing Still

Are you ready?

Ready to move forward into 2023

Ready to create your future, your vision.

Maybe someone told you, you weren't creative, but the truth is we are all are.

You are the creator of your life.

Before moving forward its good to stop, look and listen.

Be in stillness for a while, tune in to the heart space.

Clarity is here.

Then move forward with this vision

Go with the flow, the sea never stands still, nor do you.

Lost in how to find this connection? Good news, it is never broken, just sometimes covered, or blocked.

Want to release the block, to move with fresh wind in your sails?

I have been on this journey, and am here to guide, to mentor, to help you realise and elevate your vision for your dream life.

I have private mentorship packages available, from a 90 min session to 6 month mentoring.

Or join one of my online courses, Capture the Seasons Winter is available right now for the investment of £144 connect nature, creativity, wellbeing and your intuition ready for the next steps into the New Year.

Here’s to the most creative 2023 for all.

Astrid x


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