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Natural Summer

What is your idea of the perfect summer?

What do you long for, the sense of freedom, lightness of body and mind?

Nature helps us connect with these feelings, taking time to watch the clouds go by, feel the grass or sand between your toes and the soft air and sun on your skin are simple pleasures which we can all embrace if we just stop and take time to enjoy and appreciate them.

Natural fabrics on the skin can bring a sense of wellbeing to us too, cool cottons, bamboo and linen, silk, the ritual of changing into garments designed with love for these precious moments when you take time to dream, in the garden, at home or for sleep are important on so many levels. Nightshirts that cross over to day, silk dressing gowns designed to treasure forever, available to buy exclusively online.

Connect with nature, natural light, notice details and enjoy simple pleasures

Lightness of being, freedom of summer, in silk

You can also experience this summer wellness through the new online course from the Capture the Seasons collection, available to access in at your own pace, part of the Take Time to Dream Academy

Courses designed by Astrid Blake, a unique blend of 20years experience as a designer, trend forecaster, colour expert and her own holistic self healing journey. A retreat designed to access from your own home and to connect you with your unique creativity and wellbeing.

Wishing you a very Happy Summer

Astrid x


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