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Spirals - Inspired by Nature

Patterns in nature can inspire on so many levels, to a designer for a new print or how it connects with our own life journeys.

Recently I have been noticing spirals,

A snail’s pretty shell

In my greenhouse, the tendrils on my cucumber plants sprang out from a spiral shape, feeling their way to find something to support their growth upwards, towards the light.

I noticed the wood carvings in my own home, which also reflected spirals, double spirals.

I remember when my son as a baby how I gazed in wonder at the spiral soft white hair at the top of his head.

Spirals symbols are ancient and can be found in many cultures around the world. The spiral tendency within each one of us is the longing for and growth towards wholeness. Every whole is cyclic, and has a beginning, middle and end, a pattern is that of our lifetime, and may well be that of our universe.

Are you feeling stuck with something right now, when we let flow, form and symbols show us the natural way it can help us realise where we are and then accept, where are you now, beginning, middle or end of something?

I will delve deeper into this and much more in my FREE private Facebook group Take Time to Dream, a space for creative and wellbeing inspiration. I'd love to meet you and connect with you there. Click here to join

Astrid x


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