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Transformation, from stuck to creating the dream.

Do you dream of a fairy tale life?

Are you disappointed when things aren’t perfect? What is perfect?

The original fairy tales give us clues, there can be challenges, darkness, fear or sometimes pain to go through before reaching the other side, the light.

Transformation is key, inner transformation for the outer dream to appear.

What do you want to transform today? Pumpkins into carriages, mice to horses? Anything in your life, work, business, relationships?

One key I’ve learnt it that there is much to be learnt from looking back, with compassion and non-judgemental at our own lives, some of our darkest and hardest moments also hold the most treasure and wisdom, waiting to be revealed. Once we do, we shed the weight of what no longer serves us and gain freedom to move forward with this treasure and wisdom.

How do we do this? We follow our intuition. This is what has led me to where I am today, but it was not easy, there were many signs, small at first but they became so clear I had to listen!

Ending up in A&E three times, the feeling of not being able to breathe was a big call to listen!

I am called to share the processes and insights I learnt on this healing journey, to help access transformation and connection in others and for you to unearth your unique creative spirit and purpose in life, one which is our true natural state, one of ease and grace.

Is this what you are looking for?

How do you start?

I have created courses to guide you on this journey, Capture the Seasons is designed to help you to tap into your intuition, elevate your creativity and wellbeing, they are accessible online to fit around your life, why not start today? There is no time like the present. The investment is £144, for a season, if you wish to continue there is a discount for the next 3 seasons, each have their own unique messages and content.

I also offer 1 to 1 mentoring which can be tailored to your bespoke needs, a free 20min call with no obligation is a great way to find out how I can help you.

I share my personal journey in-depth, which led me to where I am today in my private Facebook group Take Time to Dream, follow the link to join, if you are new to my work you will discover more, I share inspiration around creativity and wellbeing, mediations, poetry I’ve written and imagery in a private community.

Astrid x


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