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What is a Visionary?

Visionary to be able to see something before it is visible to others.

To have capacity to vision, to dream, hold it and bring it to life.

It is never that easy to explain, it is part intuition and part organising, creating, curating, an art, a skill, a gift.

It is not always 100% clear at first, you must have strength, belief, and trust, that it will become reality.

The details will start to appear as you move toward it, if you commit to it, show faith in it.

You are drawn to it; it is drawn to you.

But you need also to find FOCUS,

This is not so easy to do today where there are distractions everywhere!

And there are those who can sway your belief.

  • Trusting in your intuition, holding the vision takes practice.

  • Focus takes practice.

  • Opening the way to receiving the vision, takes practice.

Vision is worth this work, once you are tuning in, it becomes more and more natural, inspiration flows, creativity flows, life flows. The mind is not buzzing with chatter and distraction but open to receive vision, far beyond what exists, beyond limits, beyond boundaries set by others. Unlimited, the things that create products that connect to the heart, beautiful and fulfilling lives, meaningful businesses, new worlds, ground breaking solutions, bright futures.

This is not for the faint hearted, but if you feel ready to discover more, want someone to help drawn out your vision, guide you to connect with yours, help hone and elevate them to the next level, I offer my experience as a consultant to world leading trend forecasting companies, founder of luxury lifestyle brand and intuitive guide to help you navigate the blocks that are holding you back, the fear and doubt, to reveal the path to the light and unlimited unique potential you hold and are waiting to share with the world.

Drop me an email if you are seeking a mentor to help unlock your potential, to bring your unique vision to life, I offer a free 20min discovery call.

Astrid x


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