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What Meditation means to me

In the first lockdown I posted a blog on 5 tips for looking after yourself from home one which was meditation. To follow on from this I am sharing a some of my personal experiences and journey to meditation.

Two years ago I took a course in meditation, it was an inner urge that was so strong that drove me to book a weekend course with two Ascension mediation teachers. It felt like my life depended on doing this, I had to take action, to make this a priority and give myself the time, something that can be hard to do when you are a mother and business owner. I was happy and grateful that I did it and followed my intuition. My experience was dramatic in a positive way (I will write another post on this experience in more detail). Since then I have been practicing almost every day, the effects have been beneficial in so many ways and especially during the lockdowns we have all been though the last year.

More recently I took a diploma course in meditation which lead me to explore other types or meditation, writing my own guided meditations and learning how to share this with others, which I plan to add to my services soon! A question that was asked was what does meditation mean to you, here I share my answer.

Please write in your own words what the term “meditation” means for you?

Meditation to me is a natural form that is available to all which can connect us to the whole- the infinite, or whatever one wishes to name this Source, I call it the Divine Spirit. It enables deep healing, a feeling of wholeness and connectivity, it fills our inner space and offers expansion beyond our own imaginations, it is unlimited. There are no boundaries, judgement, no expectations, to help in this I believe it is best to come from a place of naivety and almost childlike perspective. There is no right or wrong and each experience of meditation will be different. Trying to empty the mind is not the aim, thoughts in our minds are as natural as a heart that beats, so it is not the aim to try and eliminate or fight this but to allow them to drift by and then find an anchor which has meaning to bring you to the place where you find a meditative state, beyond, sleep, thinking and other states of consciousness. It does not have to be connected to a belief of region or only be practiced sitting down, it can be done even when washing the dishes or walking in nature. Patience and kindness to yourself is helpful and part of it. Mediation helps raise my awareness, see myself and the world differently, for me it has helped in releasing past trauma and helps in clarity, calming and creativity. I experienced a profound shift in energy and healing in the first weekend learning mediation which I am grateful for and happy to be able to practice regularly as part of my daily routine.

Keep an eye out for out for more on meditation in my coming blog posts. You can sign up to my newsletter in the link below for updates.

Astrid x

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