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Time to reflect

Nature gives us clues all the time, but in this busy world do we give it time?

That is why I am so passionate about taking time to be with nature, to observe, to be still. This is a gateway and path to help unlock the secrets our internal worlds hold and our wellbeing and happiness.

Today let yourself reflect on nature and on your own nature.

What are the benefits of self-reflection?

Practicing self-reflection makes you more self-aware, which research links to higher levels of lots of things we all want, from creativity to confidence, which in turn trickles down to, improving the quality of our lives.

Coming soon- Capture the Seasons Summer an online course created to help you to do just this. For now you can join me in my private Facebook group, Take Time to Dream where I share with you inspiration and you can also have a taster of Capture the Seasons Spring for free.

Look forward to meeting you there,

Astrid x


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