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Unlock a Path of Self Healing and Connect with the Power of your Intuition

What gift can you give yourself today?

A simple thing that will bring you connection and great joy?

Isn’t that what we are all looking for, connection to ourselves, to others, and the freedom in our hearts to let joy return, our natural feeling.

Two paths to come back to connection with ourselves are found in the balance of the external and the internal worlds we inhabit.

We are given the gift of NATURE, here you can start to find the clues.

Scroll through my Instagram feed and you will find images of my observations, of nature, speaking to my soul, and maybe yours? I call it Eyes of Wonder.

It was a gift, it guided me through a heart-breaking experience, one which I now understand now with a heightened vision, in a new light. It gently brought me back to a feeling of wholeness, it was transformative. Being guided by my intuition, I recorded my journey and created a process which I am passionate about sharing with others to help them if for any reason you may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed or simply that there is something more to life.

Is there something you feel is waiting to be transformed? To bring you back to wholeness, to your joy.

Join me, as I share with you this magical, transformative process in my online program Capture the Seasons – Spring, available to take at your own pace over 5 days, doors will be closing soon to the Spring chapter in this series but Summer will be opening, take the opportunity to be inspired by the beauty and lessons each season has to offer today.

Buy your online Capture the Seasons creative wellbeing course and retreat here Investment of £144

You can also join me in the FREE private Take Time to Dream space in Facebook to discover more inspiration, unique guided meditations led by me, poetry, mini challenges, free downloadables and tips on wellbeing in a private community.

Astrid x


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